Food for Thought About Food

Don’t just kill time! Here’s a round-up of interesting stuff for you to read.

“Monsanto cash helped fund bill to stifle whistleblowers in Iowa”, Tom Laskawy, April 6, 2011,

“What Would the World Look Like If We Relied on Industrial Agriculture to Feed Everyone?”, Ari LeVaux, April 1, 2011,

“Poncho’s Homemade Dog Food: A Longtime Vegetarian Cooks Meat”, Dawn Brighid, April 6, 2011,

“Forget commercial dog food and make your own”, Jim Dixon, April 3, 2007,

Fun Friday Recommended Reads

Check out the following links to food news around the web:

ADHD: It’s the food, stupid,” Kristin Wartman for, 2011/03/28.

U.K. guv takes threat of bee-killing pesticides seriously. Why doesn’t the U.S.?” Tom Philpott for, 2011/03/31.

Reversing roles, farmers sue Monsanto over GMO seeds,” Tom Laskawy for, 2011/03/31.

Common Ground, “The Food Issue,” March 2011.

[Happens to me all the time:] “Dining Alone—Don’t Be Afraid of Solitude at the Table,” Christiana D. Roussel for Birmingham Weekly, 2011/03/31.

Slow Food Birmingham Call to Action–URGENT

Slow Food Birmingham has sent out an urgent plea related to Governor Bentley’s plans to zero all funding of the Alabama Farmers Market Authority in his 2012 Budget.

Acccording to SFB, the Farmers Market Authority:

  • Represents 1100 + small farmers and approximately 130 farmers markets across our state.
  • Invests in our local economy and promotes the “buy local” message
  • Connects local, fresh, and seasonal fruits & vegetables to communities
  • Manages and distributes Farmers Market Nutrition Programs available to Women, Infants, Children, and Seniors.
  • “Without funds in 2012, small farmers, farmers markets, and the ability to connect fresh fruits and vegetables to our neighbors who need it most will be at risk. As the second most obese state in the country, our community’s health depends on our help.”

    “NOW is the time to ACT.  Call your senator AND representative and ask everyone you know to do the same.  The message is simple:
    ‘Please put the Farmers Market Authority back in the 2012 General Fund Budget at the current level.'”

    “We have until Monday night to lend our voices and support for putting the Farmers Market Authority back in the 2012 General Fund Budget at the current level. Not sure who to call? Click on the following link:

    Follow this link to view the actual SFB memorandum.