I am a dinosaur.  I am a throwback to an earlier time when we ate what we grew or caught, cooked over fire, and used the Oxford comma and double spaces between sentences.

I remember humans who wrapped their sandwiches in wax paper.  (Mmmm. Crayon-ey.)  I can even recall that my first Crock-pot had two parts–the lid and the pot. (Now, try washing it while not wetting the power cord too much.)

Though our ways were primate, food tasted like food and not a minimally-textured mass indistinguishable from the next course but for differences in temperature and the order in which it was served.  Yep. The old days were pretty good.

That’s why, together with any dinosaur buddies who wanna help me write this thing, I’m bringin’ tasty back.


Foodiesaurus Regina Avatar-Large

Foodiesaurus Regina


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