Fun Friday Recommended Reads!

Happy Friday! Here’s a round-up of interesting stuff for you to read while eating mudbugs or Kosher Barbeque this weekend:

Digging deeper into that NYT Room for Debate on farm-animal cruelty,” Tom Laskawy, May 12, 2011,

Jack in the Box surprise: How E. coli became a household word,” Michele Simon, May 9, 2011,

Climate Change Hot stuff: chile peppers, climate change, and the future of food,” Makenna Goodman, May 6, 2011,

Mighty Mississippi poses threat to oyster trade,” Michael Kunzelman, May 7, 2011,

Bounty hunting: an inside look at a successful farmers market operation [VIDEO],” Daniel Klein, May 6, 2011,

Proposed shark fin ban makes waves in San Fran,” Robin Hindery, May 6, 2011,

With a taste disorder, the sweet ain’t as sweet,” Randy Dotinga, April 30, 2011,

Fun Friday Recommended Reads

Happy Friday! Here’s a round-up of interesting stuff for you to read while hanging out in the Nicholas Pavilion of the PGA Regions Tradition golf tournament at Shoal Creek Country this weekend:

Girl Scouts censor Facebook criticism of palm oil in cookies,” Glenn Hurowitz, May 5, 2011,

Forget About Horses: A Bourbon Picking Guide for Derby Day, and Every Day,” Tony Sachs, May 6, 2011,

How Food Explains the World,” Joshua Keating, May/June 2011,

Bad seeds: A plan to phase out the $5 billion in ‘direct payment’ agricultural subsidies,” Jake Caldwell, May 4, 2011,

Strawberry grower shows how to make a profit without poisons ,” ONEARTH, April 26, 2011,

Do You Know How Many Genetically Modified Foods You’re Eating? 8 to Pay Attention To ,” Lisa Gosselin, April 25, 2011,

Gary Taubes’ sugar article makes an excellent case for diversifying agriculture,” Tom Philpott, April 22, 2011,

Worried about fake food dyes? 4 tips to avoid them,” Brierly Wright, April 1, 2011,

Bees feed us: now they need our help,” The Slow Food USA Blog, March 2, 2011,

Fun Friday Recommended Reads

Happy Friday! Here’s a round-up of interesting stuff for you to read while bellying up to the crawfish table, raising the third glass in your wine flight, or camping out to see the big Kid Rock show:

Food Trucks Rolling Into (Dallas) Arts District,” Julie Tam,

Is Walmart our best hope for food policy reform?,” Tom Philpott, April 29, 2011,

Coca-Cola adds BPA to list of ways it doesn’t care about your health,” Christopher Mims, April 29, 2011,

Taco Bell may sue Alabama law firm over dropped beef case,” Fox News, April 26, 2011,

Give a cluck: Ask Umbra on secret backyard chickens,” Ask Umbra, April 28, 2011,

Students fight to save innovative garden-based public school in Detroit,” Tom Philpott, April 26, 2011,

The Latest Food Marketing Trend: Fake Authenticity,” Jane Black, April 25, 2011,

Nourish launches video encyclopedia,” April 25, 2011,

Why Is Damning New Evidence About Monsanto’s Most Widely Used Herbicide Being Silenced?,” Jill Richardson, April 25, 2011,

James Lewis Set to Open Restaurant Butcher Shop Vittoria Macelleria,” Jason Horn, April 20, 2011,

Alabama Tornadoes—Vital Information & Ways You Can Help 2011-04-29

Now that Foodiesaurus has her electricity back in service, she has prepared the following lists of information for victims and those who would like to help:

Donations and Volunteers

Hands On Birmingham

Donate to Mid-Alabama Red Cross

Alabama tornadoes: Salvation Army Accepting Clothing, Furniture & Food Donations + Volunteer

Here’s How to Help, Donate, and Volunteer

The Governor’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives: Donate to the Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund to Help Tornado Victims in Alabama

Alabama Tornadoes—How to you Can Help

Please Help Find These Missing People

How to find a missing loved one

State and Federal Agency Assistance—

Governor Opens Phone Line to Answer Storm Queries

Alabama Storm-Related Insurance Claims

Alabama Department of Transportation Road Closures

FEMA’s Disaster Assistance Website

SBA Stands Ready to Assist Alabama Residents

Fun Friday Recommended Reads

Happy Friday! Here’s a round-up of interesting stuff for you to read while waiting for your kid to finish up that letter to the Easter Bunny or the President:

Stocking the Broke-Ass pantry, and the magical three-day chicken,” by Broke-Ass Grouch, April 21, 2011,

Deep Flavor, No Browning Required,” John Willoughby, March 28, 2011,

South Sings Catfish Blues,” Julie Jargon, April 14, 2011,

Who Owns Your Favorite Organic Brand (Infographic),” June 2009,

Wendy’s Natural Cut Fries: Better Tasting, Yes. Natural, No,” Melanie Warner, April 15, 2011, Yahoo!Finance.

What doesn’t kill you makes you gourmet ,” Rebecca Solnit, February 17, 2011,

TV show follows evolution of exurbanites’ farm,” MARY ESCH, April 17, 2011, Yahoo!News.

Foods That Interfere with Birth Control Pills,” David L. Katz, M.D., MSN Health.

Gulf Coast Seafood One Year After the Oil Spill,” Justine Sterling, April 20, 2011,

Portuguese Green Olive Dip,” David Leite, July 20, 2009,

Yet another reason to cook your own food….

As if quality control, choice of ingredients and recipe, and cost savings weren’t enough, Men’s Health editors have given us yet another reason ’tis better to cook your own. The article, “The Most Dangerous Thing You’ll Do All Day,” reveals “that people who sit for most of the day are 54 percent more likely to die of heart attacks,” than those who don’t.

It turns out this information is old news, having been confirmed by study after study beginning in 1953. The question of whether to sit or not to sit is relevant whether you smoke or don’t and regardless of whether or how much you exercise. Peter Katzmarzyk, the lead researcher on a recent study conducted by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, said, “Sitting is an independent risk factor,” although no researcher has yet to figure out why.

Not only will you improve your heart health with standing more, you will also help relieve your lower back pain, trim your waistline, and strengthen your abs. And it’s something you can do just about anywhere.

That being said, how can you cram more standing into your already jam-packed schedule? One way is cooking your own meals or those of your family. And for goodness sake, get that stool out of your kitchen and make cooking a group activity in order to get your young ‘uns off their buns as well!

Food for Thought About Food

Don’t just kill time! Here’s a round-up of interesting stuff for you to read.

“Monsanto cash helped fund bill to stifle whistleblowers in Iowa”, Tom Laskawy, April 6, 2011,

“What Would the World Look Like If We Relied on Industrial Agriculture to Feed Everyone?”, Ari LeVaux, April 1, 2011,

“Poncho’s Homemade Dog Food: A Longtime Vegetarian Cooks Meat”, Dawn Brighid, April 6, 2011,

“Forget commercial dog food and make your own”, Jim Dixon, April 3, 2007,

Fun Friday Recommended Reads

Check out the following links to food news around the web:

ADHD: It’s the food, stupid,” Kristin Wartman for, 2011/03/28.

U.K. guv takes threat of bee-killing pesticides seriously. Why doesn’t the U.S.?” Tom Philpott for, 2011/03/31.

Reversing roles, farmers sue Monsanto over GMO seeds,” Tom Laskawy for, 2011/03/31.

Common Ground, “The Food Issue,” March 2011.

[Happens to me all the time:] “Dining Alone—Don’t Be Afraid of Solitude at the Table,” Christiana D. Roussel for Birmingham Weekly, 2011/03/31.